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Financial Fitness II

Making 'Smart' Money Moves

June 8th, 2024

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT+1)

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Embark on a quest towards financial freedom! The world of investment can be daunting...
with the right knowledge and support,
you too can be financially fit!!!

Financial Fitness is a series where we will dive deep into your financial health and unlock the potential of your 'Massive Passive Income'.

Be it a Bull or Bear market,  with the right knowledge and support you too can navigate the ups and downs and profit from market like a professional athlete!

From stocks and bonds to real estate and alternative investments, we offer comprehensive resources and personalized guidance to help you build a diversified portfolio tailored to your goals and risk tolerance.

But investing isn't just about numbers, it's also about mindset. That's why we focus not only on financial strategies but also on the emotional aspects of investing. We want you to understand and master the importance of staying disciplined during market fluctuations and remaining focused on your long-term objectives.

Whether you're a seasoned investor looking to fine-tune your portfolio or a newcomer seeking guidance on where to begin, Success Resources Virtual is here to support you on your journey to financial success. Let's work together to unlock your full financial potential and achieve your dreams this series.

Time waits for no one and the time to hop into the world of Investment is now! 
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Investment isn't all about numbers, your mindset plays a HUGE part too! 

T. Harv Eker

Author of bestseller book  
"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" 

Robert Kiyosaki

Author of bestseller book 
"Rich Dad Poor Dad" 

Jay Abraham

Founder and CEO of
The Abraham Group, Inc.

Ken Honda

Japan's Bestselling
Zen Millionaire

Peng Joon

World's Leading Authority 
on Online Wealth Creation

Sandy Jadeja

World's Leading Market 

Lim Jing Bo

Founder of Koli (Key Opinion 
Leaders and Influencer)

Dr. Clemen Chiang

The Founder & CEO 

Sean Seah

One Punch Investor

Mac Attram

Founder & CEO of MindSpace
Business Growth

Robin Banks

World's leading authorities on  Mind Power & Personal Mastery

Paul O'Mahony

Founder of 
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What to expect?

Industrial experts guidance:

Tap into the wisdom of seasoned investors and financial experts who have achieved remarkable success in their own portfolios. Our speakers boast a wealth of experience across various investment strategies and asset classes. By distilling their expertise into actionable advice, they empower you to make informed decisions and capitalize on lucrative opportunities in today's dynamic market landscape.

Insightful Investment strategies:

Gain access to cutting-edge investment strategies that have the potential to supercharge your portfolio. From traditional assets like stocks and bonds to emerging opportunities like cryptocurrencies and real estate, our expert speakers will unveil proven techniques to maximize returns while managing risk effectively.

Interactive & Engaging workshops:

 Immerse yourself in a hands on workshops designed to deepen your understanding and sharpen your investment skills. Engage in lively discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises that bring abstract concepts to life. Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned pro, our workshops cater to all skill levels and provide practical insights you can implement immediately to enhance your financial fitness.

Practical tools and resources:

Discover a treasure trove of practical tools and resources to streamline your investment journey. From comprehensive guides and worksheets to cutting-edge software and apps, our event equips you with the resources you need to make informed decisions and track your progress effectively.

Why your financial fitness matters?

Wealth Accumulation

A robust investment portfolio is your ticket to wealth accumulation. By strategically allocating your assets across a diverse range of investment vehicles, you can harness the power of compounding returns and watch your wealth grow over time.

Risk Mitigation

Diversification is key to mitigating risk and protecting your wealth against market volatility. Diversifying your investments across various asset classes, industries, and regions minimizes market fluctuations' impact, safeguarding your capital long-term.

Income Generation

A well-constructed investment portfolio can generate multiple streams of income, providing you with financial stability and security. Passive income streams like dividends, interest, or rentals can boost your earnings and help achieve your lifestyle goals.

Future Security

Investing is not just about maximizing returns in the short term, it's also about securing your financial future. Consistently contributing to your portfolio and staying disciplined during market downturns helps build a nest egg for retirement and beyond, supporting you and your loved ones.


Robert Raymond Riopel

Robert Riopel started out as a driver for a franchise pizza business. Although he was comfortable, he wasn’t satisfied. His entrepreneurial spirit saw him rise through the ranks to be a store manager, and eventually owner of a chain of stores. Robert made fairly good money while doing so. The problem was, he also learned how to spend money even more quickly than he earned it, and in eight years, was over $150,000 in debt. He came across the teachings of #1 New York Times bestselling author T. Harv Eker. He took what he had learned and turned his financial life around. Within nine months, Robert went from deep debt to being financially free and retired by age 32. THAT was when Robert found his true passion, which was to teach others. Robert wants to help you find your passion and be financially free just like he did and be able to live your life with purpose, success and joy.

“There is more than one point of view and way of seeing things”.

Aaron Huey

On May 21st 1998 Aaron Walked away from drugs and alcohol forever and began to keep track EVERYTHING in his life in his little daytimer.
He began to see his habits, patterns and CREATE his day instead of letting his day create him. Leading to great relationships, amazing places, and business success In 2000, his martial arts school in Boulder, Colorado gained attention from parents seeking help for their children. Responding to the demand, he and his wife expanded to offer various programs.
By 2009, they opened a Sober Home for teen boys, which evolved into the most successful Adolescent Residential Treatment Center in the US. Despite receiving accolades like the "Top 100 Health Care Visionaries" award, the center sadly closed in 2021 due to fires in Estes Park, Colorado. After attending his first SR seminar in 2004 he began teaching at the EWTC in 2005 and has been a staple with the SR camps ever since. Leaping from mental health success, Aaron now champions parents, schools, and martial arts instructors facing challenges with troubled children.
His award-winning "Beyond Risk and Back" Master Class (2021) and the inspiring "Safe-Dojo" project earned him a spot in the 2022 Martial Arts Hall of Fame, symbolizing hope in adversity.



This is a bi-weekly event. Succeed Movement Series 6: Financial Fitness starts at May 22, 2024

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Financial Fitness II

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