Refresh. Renew. Refocus.



3rd –  4th December 2022 (Saturday &  Sunday)
9am (UK) | 10am (CEST) | 12am (GMT+4) | 5pm (SGT)

3rd –  4th December 2022
(Saturday &  Sunday)
9am (UK) | 10am (CEST) |
12am (GMT+4) | 4pm (SGT)



Your journey to 1% progress daily with Success Resources Virtual has only just began!

K.E.Y. was all about Leveling Up Your True Potential as an individual, now Renew-Refresh-Refocus [R.R.R.] was virtual event designed to challenge your capabilities beyond comparison. Everything you thought you knew and is implementing right now will renew, refresh, refocus - look forward to reshaping your current life and business adventures into a new and improved evolution.

Know it, and breathe it!
 "One Step Today,
MASSIVE progress tomorrow!"

To do that we will look into certain aspects of a life that matters as a whole, and to evolve it begins...inwards. It's all about interpersonal, branding, innovation and adaptibiltity of your business, career, and life. 

This is where the shift begins.



Refresh-Renew-Refocus is set to reshape a lifestyle, think to:

Renew Daily Habits For Success.

Habits are what curates us into what we are today, we do not need to put much effort into doing it, but it makes a greater impact to our life’s story and if we do not start to realize it, it is here to stay. So, it is time to WAKE UP and realize the habits we feed on and whether it is lifting us up or the reason behind our failures.  

All You Need to Know on Start-ups.

Learn the right way on how to start a start-up and maintain it then pivot even further with proper guidance and direction. Avoid the commonly done mistakes, financial losses and failures, instead outgrow them all together and successfully run one. 

Refocus the mindset towards better adaptability and evolvement with NLP. 

A lot of times, we find it difficult to change ourselves, not matter how hard we try. What if there was a new way to go about it? 
Introducing Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. This method can also effect a financial success outcome, lifestyle and language conditioning. By having one mindset shift, can ultimates make a huge movement on ones lifetime.  

 Becoming a Money Magnet

Many of us are sceptic when it comes to money, we want it, but when we have it, it does not stay. It’s all about finding the balance with money, and ultimately becoming a money magnet. Understand how to be one and stay as one. 

Refresh and Master The Insider Trader Tips and Strategies in Trading. 

Discovering the Insider Trader Tips and Strategies through a carefully curated software that lets you in on what the giants of the market trades off. Be connected with the tool that solves all trading mysteries and new ventures. Be ready to spike your trades today.  

This virtual event was made for you,  if you are:

  • Business Owners and An Entrepreneur: 

Looking to reshape your business and life to new heights. 

  • A Start-up enthusiast or freelancers:

Looking to potentially start-up from ground zero. 

  • CEO, Manager, Employee:

Looking to reshape your mindset with NLP for a better life.

  • Individuals, Freelancers, Investor, Employee or Entrepreneur:

Looking to make money stay with you no matter the external circumstances. 

  • Trader, Investor or Individuals: 

Looking to start trading and gain insider trading tip and use the ultimate tool to help you gain. 

Redefined With Expertise:



Dr. Clemen Chiang

Sebastian Leblond

Kishor M

Dr. Michael Lee

Edwin Carrion

AManDeep Thind

Rachel Harington

frequently asked

The event is for 2 days, from Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th December 2022.

-The event is LIVE from Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th December 2022 at the following times:

Saturday, 3rd December 2022:
Doors Open: 8.45am (UK) | 9.45am (CEST) | 11.45am (GMT+4) | 4.45pm (SGT)

Country Time Zone Time
United Kingdom BST 9.00 AM
Germany CEST 10.00 AM
Dubai GMT+4 1.00 PM
Singapore/Malaysia GMT+8 5.00 PM
Sydney AEDT 8.00 PM

Sunday 4th December 2022:
Doors Open: 8.45am (UK) | 9.45am (CEST) | 11.45am (GMT+4) | 4.45pm (SGT)

Country Time Zone Time
United Kingdom BST 9.00 AM
Germany CEST 10.00 AM
Dubai GMT+4 1.00 PM
Singapore/Malaysia GMT+8 5.00 PM
Sydney AEDT 8.00 PM

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