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How to get paid from YouTube, with No Website, No Product, No Experience….

Meet Shen Lim 
Co-founder of Cool Japan TV Group &  Top Coach of over 10,000 Global YouTubers 

I'm sure you are able to relate to this...

Cooking, Planting, Exercising, Gaming, Taking Selfies with Food & sharing about your lockdown experiences and more...

It's fun & easy to share your experiences during the lockdown with others. Most people love to do video recording & share it with others through Facebook and Instagram especially during this pandemic period.

Have you ever thought of continuing to do what you love (video shooting) and at the same time GET PAID FOR IT?

This Is How You Do It!
Start Scaling 
Your Business on YouTube!
As the Co-founder of Cool Japan TV Inc, Shen Lim is recognized as one of the most prominent speakers in Asia who has shaped the largest number of web video marketing success stories. He has founded his own digital creative school and has trained over 10,000 YouTubers from 53 countries around the world.

As a producer of web video promotion, he produced the world-famous YouTube video - Tokyo Bon 2020, which has been awarded by NHK Japan as the best video in Japan. The music video has garnered over 300 million views across social media platforms, and created a global social phenomenon of Japanese Bon dance around the world.

His field of expertise includes coaching Japanese artists and corporations about social media strategies and works with famous Japanese artists such as Hibari Misora, Tetsuya Komuro, Piko Taro, AKB48 on diverse projects. Currently, he works with the Japanese government to promote social media education across the country.
Meet Shen Lim
Co-founder of Cool Japan TV Group &
Top Coach of over 10,000 Global YouTubers

Ask yourself this question…During this global lockdown, what are the most tasks or activities that you are able to pay for it?
Snap food photo or cooking video & post on Facebook & Instagram? Then you will get paid? The answer is NO!
However most of the people love to do video recording & share it with others through Facebook and Instagram especially during this pandemic period. Have you ever thought of continuing doing what you love (video shooting) and at the same time GET PAID FOR IT?
All you need to do is do what you love to record stuff…and share it with others through YouTube Channel.

The Best Part is You can get paid from YouTube with


Join my “YouTube Secrets Masterclass”, I will show you EXACTLY How You can Whip Out Your Smartphone, Record Videos and GET PAID!

What you will discover…

How to find 1,000’s of ideas easily,  even if you think you have nothing to talk about. 

What kinds of videos generate the best results (hint: no “professional equipment” needed)
Step-by-step instructions
on how to make your videos 24/7 get paid from YouTube Advertising

Our “Secret Sauce” to generate Thousands of Subscribers FAST.
How to be your own boss, plan your own schedule & live anywhere you want…EVEN if you don’t want to “SHOW YOUR FACE” in the videos. 

And you know what the best part is?

Each video is just produced once…and it pays them over, and over, and over again.

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Yes, that’s hundreds of thousands of subscribers … for each of our students … simply by following our step-by-step instructions.

Look, if an Ah MA can do it … there are no excuses left! 

“But seriously, how much can I earn from this?”

 Look, now you can get paid over, and over, and over again PER video that you only need to create once?
Sure, one or two videos probably won’t make you much. But let’s say each video earns you $1 per day*.
That’s $30 a month. $365 a year. PER video.
How many videos will you make? 10 videos? 100? 1,000?
You do the math. You literally decide how much you want to make.

During this crisis, equip yourself with new tools and skills from this Exclusive FREE “YOUTUBE SECRETS MASTERCLASS” and Start Monetizing Your YouTube Channel. The class is 100% fully sponsored for you and your family!

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